What I can do for your product: 

  • Understand your user - I help companies dig into user research and come out with a direction on how to improve the product for their users. I breakdown what I've learned into clear user stories so the team can build the features that solve user experience, business, or technical issues. 
  • Assure quality -  I ensure that products are released at a high quality. I check new and old features and bug fixes before and after releasing to the users. Quality products are my business and do what's necessary to keep them great. 
  • Plan for the future - I help products grow. I ensure that with each feature release the product is heading in the right direction and that direction is towards a sustainable vision. 

What I can do for your team: 

  • Build community - I connect people to one another by creating clear paths of communication and open access to all other product or feature stakeholders.  
  • Clear communication - I lead by example. I clearly communicate about the needs of the users, stakeholders, and the business vision whether that is during meetings, over chat, or through email. Everyone will know what they need to know in a way they understand.  
  • Implement organization - I bring organization to teams. I help make sure products are released on time, meeting all feature requirements internally and externally, and within scope. 

What you can do for me: 

  • Allow me to grow with you - I appreciate constructive feedback. I aim to consistently grow personally and professionally. I want value added to my future through working with brilliant minds that are invested in their own and others growth. 
  • Teach me - I don't want to stop learning. In order to grow into the product manager and person I aim to be, I need to continue to learn. 
  • Collaborate with me - Growth is rarely done alone. Growing alone works and can come in handy when you need it but I join companies to work with people. I enjoy collaborating with the people around me, to learn with them and from them and to understand hard problems better.