The Woofle Haus 

Since moving to NYC, I have found my entrepreneurial spirit to be at its highest and after living here for a few months I've (unintentionally) built an out-of-home dog boarding business, The Woofle Haus. I have raised dogs my entire life and after moving multiple times for various career opportunities I've realized that owning a dog is not the best option for me right now and so instead I'm helping other people with their pup needs. I understand and empathize with dog owners who need a safe, secure, and loving place to leave their best friend when they can't be around and I've built my entire business around that premise. I'm client focused and ensure flexibility, reliability, and to love your pup the way you do.  

Services include: 

  • Dog Boarding
  • Puppy Care
  • Doggy Day Care

Check it out at: