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I joined Dubsmash after my 3 month product course at General Assembly. It was the perfect product to try my new skills on and, although my time was short, it was incredible hands on and really broadened my experience in mobile design, development, research and implementation of new features. Not to mention it was my first experience in a start up environment. 


  • Epic and user story creation 
  • Product owner of notification center
  • Designing a/b tests 
  • Drove user interaction up by 20% on key navigation components by applying visual changes


Dubsmash empowers people to express themselves by connecting them with content they love.


 My Story:

Since I'm always up for a new adventure when I was asked to join the Dubsmash team I saw nothing but opportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally. Within a month of accepting the offer, I was on a plane to Berlin. 

Over the course of 3 months, I was introduced to the start-up lifestyle, agile at it's fullest, and the hands on creation process for mobile features. After initial training and an introduction to a number of tools such as (apptimize, app annie, interana, Jira, ...etc) I was asked to be the owner of the Notification Center and focus on how we could improve user interaction. Dubsmash, like many mobile apps, was suffering from how to keep active users active and how to re-engage their inactive users. 


How to know what works and what doesn’t work? Easy. Data dig, hypothesize, and test.

  1. I looked at our user data. Who was interacting with our notification, what was working, why they were engaging...etc

  2. I looked at our competitors. Who was doing really well with this already? What was it that made me engage with social apps, which notification systems caught mine & others attention the most?

  3. I devised a test. I narrowed down the type of notifications I wanted to test, I worked with our designers to create them, and then wrote up the specifications for both iOS & Android for when, what our users would see and added them to our backlog. After testing, I set up an a/b test and released them.

The Test:

  • 5 badge variations (snapchat_badge, original, dot_and_popup, dot, badge_number_and_popup, badge_number)

  • Release through an a/b test

  • Time: 11.14.16 - 12.01.16

  • Total number of users: 155,216

The Results:

Across all the areas of notifications we noticed a significant increase with the badge_number_and_popup variation, including a 17% increase in moments_play and a 19% increase in session_starts.


My 3-month stint at Dubsmash was a whirlwind filled with great people, a fun environment, fast learning, skill testing, and a surprisingly large amount of personal and professional growth. I had the chance to implement an impactful test and a solution for the notification center, as well as a few smaller features including the Facebook login.